Servotech Power Systems Launches ‘Servotech EV Infra’ with Plans for 5,000 EV Charging Stations Across India!

SearchEV 0 Comments November 13, 2023
Servotech EV Infra

Servotech Power Systems ventures into EV charge point operation with ‘Servotech EV Infra,’ targeting 5,000 charging stations to bolster India’s infrastructure.

Servotech Power Systems, a prominent electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturer, has taken a strategic step by establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary, ‘Servotech EV Infra,’ marking its entry into the electric vehicle charge point operator (CPO) domain.

While currently supplying EV chargers to oil marketing companies and EV charging station providers, Servotech’s new subsidiary, Servotech EV Infra, will actively function as a CPO, overseeing the installation of EV charging stations throughout India. This expansion is a significant move to enhance the EV charging infrastructure, aligning with the increasing demand for electric mobility solutions.

In a bid to streamline its operations, Servotech Power Systems plans to manufacture and supply EV chargers to Servotech EV Infra. This integrated approach positions Servotech Power Systems as a key player in both charger production and operation. The company anticipates substantial growth in the EV charging market in the coming years, underlining the timeliness and strategic relevance of this venture.

Servotech EV Infra has ambitious plans to establish 5,000 EV charging stations across the country in the near future. This extensive network is envisioned to contribute significantly to the development of a robust EV charging infrastructure, a pivotal component in fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

Raman Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director of Servotech Power Systems, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation in the EV charging sector. The creation of Servotech EV Infra represents a natural progression in their journey, showcasing dedication to playing a pivotal role in advancing India’s EV infrastructure. With a focus on addressing the growing number of EVs in the country, Servotech Power Systems is poised to make a lasting impact on the evolving landscape of electric mobility.

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